Farewell to Printer Pool

October 27, 2016

Many girls at Nerinx Hall depend on the printers; before every class period, they gather by the nearest printer, printing their assignments before class begins. While this pattern may never change, the printing system has.

After a few hectic weeks of printing, the Tech Office has eliminated the printing pool. The printing pool is an online server where students send their print jobs. However, printing pool took a long time to print, and the network was not consistent. In an attempt to minimize frustration, they have created a system which allows students to print directly to one of five printers around Nerinx.  Students are told to add printers in the System Preferences application. Fortunately, the system seems to be working. Olivia Miller, a junior, commented, “I think it [the new printing system] is easier because I can just print when I’m ready, and not have to wait in a long line at the tablet.”  Another junior, Meredith Price, added, “It also seems to be less stress on the entire system as a whole, so it works much better.”

However, the new system does have a problem. As Mr. Wimmer explained in an email to the school, print jobs are being abandoned at the printers, forcing students to sift through piles of papers in order to find their own. To resolve this issue, the Tech Office suggests that students wait to print until they are near the printer and ask for assistance if a document doesn’t print.

Is this the end of the printing pool?  With the cooperation of the students, it may be. However, one thing remains certain: the Tech Office truly deserves our appreciation for the persistence and patience they have shown in remedying this issue and ensuring that every Nerinx student has access to a reliable printer.

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