Getting to Know Dr. Grumich


You all know her laugh. Now get to know her. Nerinx Hall welcomes new principal Dr. Molly Grumich to its halls.

Dr. Grumich attended Incarnate Word Academy, the school where she was previously principal and teacher for several years. She recalls her alma mater fondly, commenting that she contributed to many theater productions as a student there. However, she laughs as she admits that “[She] can’t sing to save [her] life.” Regardless, Dr. Grumich does have a few memorable roles under her belt. Her favorite role in a high school show was Anything Goes, where she portrayed the part of Moonface Martin. She also enjoyed playing Clarice in Steel Magnolias. During her senior year of high school, she dedicated her time to being an assistant director for the musical Godspell. Also, she met her husband through a musical production, instantaneously making theater more dear to her heart. She has been married to Rob for eighteen years and has two children: fourteen-year-old Jimmy and twelve-year-old Mimi.

Dr. Grumich is thrilled to be a part of our Loretto community, stating that the Loretto values, especially community, are what pulled her towards Nerinx. “The excellent academic reputation, the students, and the people I had met from Nerinx, and Mr. Gabriel’s vision for the school, I was excited to be a part of that.” In fact, the community aspect is so important to her that she aims to know every student and learn many names. “My goal is to ultimately know everyone. You would be amazed at the amount of time I spend on the app Mr. Kuensting made,” she commented, laughing. She is thoroughly invested in what we do as students here and is excited to be around for the sports games, musicals, and everything in between. It’s all new for her. She is thrilled to experience events like Hey Day for the first time.

When asked about her interests outside of Nerinx, Dr. Grumich divulged that she is not currently binge-watching any shows. Though she binge-watched two seasons of Downton Abbey over Christmas, she prefers the stage to the screen. Some of Dr. Grumich’s favorite musicals include Jekyll and Hyde, Legally Blonde, and Matilda. Dr. Grumich has already spread her joy through the halls with her contagious laugh. When asked about it, she could not contain the aforementioned laugh. “My mom laughs really loud,” she responds, and, “My sister Susie laughs like I do. Once, I got kicked out of a sorority function for laughing.” Clearly, her laugh has quite the history and will continue to build upon its past at the Hall.   

Most importantly, however, Dr. Grumich lives her life with an optimistic mentality, which she hopes to spread to our community.  And, with her booming laugh on the morning show, it is difficult to imagine that the 2017-2018 school year will be anything but joyful and laughter-filled.  After all, as Dr. Grumich herself says, “If we can laugh along the way, why not do it?”