Opinions from Both Sides of the Aisle: The Inauguration of President Donald Trump, A Year Later

Disclaimer: Hallways is supportive and respectful of all opinions. In this article, we strive to represent those differing views. The views represented in Hallways do not necessarily represent the views of the newspaper, faculty, or staff.


One year has passed since the presidential election of 2016, and inauguration of President Donald Trump in 2017, and the two sides still remain as polarized as ever. The election divided the nation, and Nerinx was no exception. It has been a year of controversy in America as well as in the halls of Nerinx, and the opinions surrounding it continue to diverge. Some approve of the way that the current administration has been carrying out its promises, while others are unhappy with the decisions being made. During the first year of President Trump’s administration, the two parties have discussed several issues, yet we remain at odds. A year’s distance from the inauguration provides the opportunity to reflect on how the administration’s first year has gone.

Below, two Nerinx Hall students, one who supported President Donald Trump and one who supported Secretary Hillary Clinton, give their take on the election and the year that’s followed.


Q: Which candidate did you support last year, and why?

Democrat: Hillary Clinton, because not only do my political beliefs align mainly with the Democratic party, but because I knew I could not support Donald Trump. I could not support a candidate with his lack of experience, discriminatory beliefs, and several accusations of sexual assault against him.

Republican: In the election of 2016, I supported the Republican candidate Donald Trump for a couple reasons. One being my upbringing and values that my parents have taught me. Also, I really like his tax plan and his viewpoints on immigration.


Q: How did you feel immediately following the election?

D: I was very upset and was very concerned for the future of our country.

R: Following the election, I was extremely thrilled and happy he had won. My family and I celebrated, and it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I don’t know if I have ever felt so relieved.


Q: Would you still support the same candidate now?

D: Absolutely. If anything, this past year has just confirmed what I have always thought about Trump and reinforced my belief that Clinton would’ve been a much more competent leader.

R: Yes, I 100% would still support him.


Q: Have your views on President Trump changed at all in the past year?

D: My views on Trump have become more negative – though they were very negative to begin with. I never thought he would be a good president, and this past year has just confirmed it.

R: If anything, I support him more and like him even better than I did last year, if that’s even possible. My views have only become more positive.


Q: Has Donald Trump’s presidency gone as you expected? Why or why not?

D: I can’t say I knew what to expect going into Trump’s presidency. I expected scandal, and there definitely has been a lot of that.

R: I feel pretty good a year after the election. I know my parents are very happy, as am I. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Q: Do you think that Donald Trump’s presidency has been successful? Why or why not?

D: Not at all. Not only has Trump failed to live up to his promises to his supporters–he has failed to repeal Obamacare as he promised, for example–but his entire administration has been filled with scandal and controversy. From his refusal to denounce white supremacists, he said “both sides” were to blame at Charlottesville, to the childish name-calling that he’s directed at everyone from Kim Jong Un to Elizabeth Warren, to the current investigation into Russia’s involvement in the election, I do not consider his presidency to be successful at all.

R: In my opinion, I think the presidency has gone pretty well mostly because I support the tax-cut bill he passed, and I am especially happy about how he has handled ISIS. To me, degrading a big terrorist group is pretty successful.


Q: What do you expect to come of Donald Trump’s presidency in the next couple years? For example, do you think he’ll be reelected in 2020, or be impeached or resign before then, etc.?

D: Honestly, I’m not sure. This past year has been so unpredictable. I never thought he would be elected in the first place, so I’ve given up trying to predict what’ll happen next. Let’s just say I definitely hope he’s not around in 2021.

R: Of course, as a Trump supporter, I really hope he is elected again in 2020. I think it is possible, because not many people were expecting him to be elected in 2016. So, it may very well happen again. I guess we’ll have to see!


The last year since the election has been one strained with the tensions of the current political atmosphere. As a result, many people, including Nerinx girls, have been divided and on edge. Luckily, as time has passed, we have forgiven one another and have begun to heal and unify as a community. This distance has cleared the way for the possibility to communicate and grow together.