Spring Break Getaway: the Reality Check Checklist for your Dream Vacation

Spring Break is coming up soon! Whether you’re staying home or going to a fun resort, you’re probably just happy to have a break from the stress of school. However, this break can also bring its own kind of stress. From walking down senior hall and seeing dozens of spring break countdown signs to overhearing plans in between classes, sometimes it can feel like everyone expects that seniors will travel to an exotic location for spring break.


Even if you’re lucky enough to be getting away, though, your dream vacation probably takes months of preparation. First, your group needs to all agree on one place, or a certain cruise line. That can be difficult if there are ten of you. Second, vacations are not cheap. Some girls have to pay for the trip themselves, which takes a lot of hard work and saving.


Once you choose where you’re going, you need to figure out where you’re staying. Your group needs to settle the biggest debate: house or hotel? A house is nice because it will just be the ten of you together, no strangers. But, a hotel is also a great option if you want to avoid cooking, plus you will have more resources for activities. If your vacation is on a cruise, then you will only have to choose which cruise line to take. Just choose the one that has the most activities and stops at the coolest places. So the next step is to book your cruise/hotel/house, and half the work is done. Next, an airline needs to be chosen; Southwest is always a good option considering bags fly free, but that also depends where you’re going. Then you choose a flight and try to pick a window seat next to your friend. If you’re driving to your destination, all that needs to be done is create a playlist of songs that everyone will enjoy, but be sure to include sing-a-longs.


When all the booking is completed, and everyone agrees, all you have to do is go shopping for super trendy outfits to show off on Instagram. That’s the best part of vacation: all of the aesthetically pleasing Instagram pictures you and your friends will take. You will definitely take a picture of a tropical pineapple smoothie, so make sure your nails are painted a fresh shade of pink and angle your hand in a way that shows off your class ring to represent “Thee Fair Nerinx Hall.”


The last step is to make sure you have lots of fun and enjoy the week off of school. Be super careful and don’t drown in the middle of the ocean. Or do, who knows, maybe you’ll meet a cute lifeguard, fall in love, and have the best spring break ever. And if you decide to bypass all of that cost and preparation and stay home for spring break? You can make St. Louis your very own dream destination, by trying new restaurants, visiting the St. Louis Zoo and Art Museum, and logging some serious nap hours.