As We Go On


“Enjoy it while it lasts because before you know it you’ll be walking across the stage getting your diploma.”

This was a statement I heard way too much starting the summer before freshman year. Of course, I didn’t believe anyone who told me that. I started off freshman year nervous as ever about what was ahead of me. My skirt went all the way down to my ankles, my backpack was packed with binders and notebooks, and my mind was full of scary thoughts of what high school might be like. Little did I know that I was about to experience the best four years of my life. 

Over four years it’s natural for people to grow and change, but sometimes it’s hard to realize how much you’ve grown. I interviewed seniors and asked them how they feel they have grown since they were freshman. Many had similar responses, touching on the fact that they have become more confident and better people. Mimi Lawyer said, “Oh, yes. Why of course I have. And I think most people have/will. Freshman year, I came in thinking that I really knew myself. Yet, at the same time, I was insecure, and not confident. Today, I wouldn’t describe myself as either of those traits. I would say that I am the most confident I’ve ever been. Plus, the person I thought that I was is someone completely different than the person I have become.” She then went on to say that Nerinx has given her so many opportunities and also become her second home due to how much time she spends here. She ended by saying, “And, while sure, it wasn’t always easy, and it didn’t come without its ups and downs, I can truly say that I have learned to embrace all parts of Mimi Lawyer, and hope to inspire others to embrace all of the quirky sides of themselves as well.” I have seen many seniors grow from being quiet, shy little freshmen to loud, extroverted seniors who lend helping hands to those in need and are not afraid to stand up for what we believe in. Nerinx has taught each of us how to blossom and “be the change we wish to see in the world.”

Just as personalities change, the places where you want to hang out change, too. Especially over a span of four years. When we were freshmen, the most popular places were: the cave, the library, theatre lobby, and courtyard. Now that we are older, we have created closer bonds with teachers, which means sometimes we hang out in their offices. One of the most popular places recently has been the science office, the tables by Mrs. Berardi, but some people are too busy to even hang out for a couple minutes.

Since the seniors have been through a lot, they have some words of advice for the underclassmen:

“Don’t force yourself to change, but realize that growth is good. You can grow as a person and learn new things about yourself. Embrace everything.” – Rachel Solverud

“Don’t spend the next four years holding yourself back from having the most fun and making as many friends as possible, soon it will all be over and all you’ll have is the regrets of what you didn’t do and the memories of what you did.” – Addison Gherardini

“Go with your gut on everything! If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it! Make sure to keep good communication with your parents, it makes things easier as you’re talking to them about college and things like that.” – Meta Stephens

In conclusion, Nerinx has very much impacted how all of us have grown up. We are here during some of our prime development years. We face loss of friendships, bad grades, breakups, family issues. But Nerinx has helped shape us the past four years to be strong independent women. We have learned how to be strong in a time of struggle, how to handle injustices in our community, and even how to handle a hectic, unplanned day. Without Nerinx we would all, no doubt, be completely different versions of ourselves. So thank you Nerinx, for all the valuable things you have taught me these past four years.