New Staff

Nerinx Hall’s staff lineup for 2016-17 is looking good! With a whopping total of eight new staff members, the Hall is looking better than ever. Almost every department has a new addition to the team, each bringing new teaching techniques and teaching styles to the table.

The new head of Campus Ministry this year is Jane Brown. Previously Ms. Brown was the pastoral assistant at St. Mark’s Church. Ms. Brown’s first major order of business is planning Sophomore retreat, but with her new perspective and immense amount of experience, it will definitely run smoothly. Another new addition is Carrie Wing who will be working as the Advancement Communications Coordinator, to ensure Nerinx runs smoothly and without a hitch.

Over the summer, the science department received two new teachers: Matthew Morgan and Amanda Truong. Dr. Morgan is teaching Sophomore Chemistry, and senior Forensic Science this year. When asked about her new chemistry teacher, sophomore Marge Hoffmann says, “Dr. Morgan [Matt] is an amazing chemistry teacher with a positive attitude!” Seemingly, Dr. Morgan is looking forward to teaching Chemistry full time at Nerinx! Dr. Amanda Truong is teaching Physics Honors and computer apps II this year. Sophomore Hannah Wooters says, “Dr. Truong is using the new canvas technology very well and makes class more understandable.” Nerinx is a great fit for Dr. Truong especially because she is able to work alongside her two close friends: Sr. Eileen and Dr. Leopold.

Nerinx added Alison Rollins and Jamie Springer to the library staff this year. The new librarian, carrying on Carol Winkler’s legacy is Alison Rollins. She is known for reading and writing poetry! When asked why she chose Nerinx, Ms. Rollins responded saying, “I chose Nerinx because after working for three public library systems I thought it might be a nice change to see what the high school library experience was like. I am an alumna of Nerinx (Class of 2005) and believe strongly in supporting the spirit of empowerment that thrives in these halls.” Jamie Springer will be helping Ms. Rollins as the new library assistant. Her job includes keeping the library quiet, organizing books, helping students with research papers, and keeping the library atmosphere fun yet quiet.

The Athletic department and the English department Nerinx both received one new teacher. Dawn Grass is joining the athletic department as a P.E. teacher and coach. She teaches Sophomore P.E., Cardio Vascular Fitness, Rec Games, and Team Sports. Ms. Grass is also the head coach softball and a coach for lacrosse and basketball. Ava Neels and Sabrina Ochterbeck, students in Ms. Grass’ Sophomore P.E. class say, “Dawn is really friendly and funny and our whole class loves her!” When asked why Nerinx, Dawn says, “ I have a passion for teaching others how to live healthy and fun lifestyles. I want to pass on information to my students that I never had the opportunity to learn while I was in school, but wish I had.” Sarah Schwab is new in the English department this year, and she’s already doing a fantastic job. Ms. Schwab is teaching Sophomore English and is the moderator for Hallways. Sophomore Kate Stoyeck describes Ms. Schwab’s teaching style saying, “She really engages the class with her discussion. She gets our creative minds thinking.” Ms. Schwab was excited to come back to a high school environment after her wonderful years at Rosati-Kain. After being an active student there and having the best four years of her life she was thrilled to see a spot available at the Hall.

As new faculty join the Nerinx family, each one adds diversity and variety in his/her opinions and teaching styles. Students, all the new faculty will be around the school, so make sure to say hi and welcome them to The Hall! Best of luck to all of the new staff and welcome to Nerinx!