Nerinx Hall’s New Masterpiece


Claire Thomas

The mosaic piece in progress in the art room.

“We are friends of Mary at the foot of the cross.” Soon, these empowering words of the Sisters of Loretto will be on display as part of a mosaic in the front hall. Last year, Art Club decided to create a mosaic to bring color to the gray front lobby. The mosaic itself will consist of three large pieces, and it will also have images of past Lorettos and important Nerinx figures. This Loretto saying represents the Loretto Sisters’ goals to be women for others. The  “friends of Mary at the foot of the cross” stayed with Jesus until the end, even when all others left.  

Art Club has made the front lobby mosaic into an all-school initiative by creating Mosaic Mondays. On Mondays during contact and Monday afternoons between 3:15 and 4:30, students are invited to the art room to learn from Art Club members how to make the mosaic. Then, interested students are welcomed to work on the mosaic anytime they have a chance. Art Club President Lily Hayward says, “Mosaics take forever, and this is a fun solution that will really speed up the process and get the whole school involved and excited. Everyone will be able to put their hands into this project. They’ll be able to say, ‘Hey I did that part right there.’  Everyone can have a little piece of themselves left at Nerinx even after they graduate. This way, a touch of this generation at Nerinx will stay and be present for many years to come.” In spring 2017, maybe even Founder’s Day, the mosaic will hopefully be revealed. However, it will take the creativity and hard work of the Nerinx community. So, please come down to the art room any Monday and check out the unifying artwork that will soon adorn our lobby.