Nancy Nerinx: Autumn 2017


Have questions? Nancy Nerinx has answers!

Hey, Marker Fans!

Welcome to my self-titled advice column, Nancy Nerinx! I am here to help the general population at Nerinx Hall, so feel free to send me any questions you have about school, relationships, and life in general. Just send me a question via the Hallways email or through any of our social media platforms! We may also be placing a submission box in the cafeteria so keep an eye out! I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Can’t Wait to Hear From You!



Hey Nancy,

I just saw Beauty and the Beast and I regret not trying out! How else can I get involved with Nerinx theatre? I feel like I’ve missed out.

– WannabeThespian123

Dear WannabeThespian123,

You have not missed out on anything! One thing I love about Nerinx is how many shows they put on! In addition to the Fall Musical, Nerinx has a Spring Musical, Spring Play, and a Froshmore Show! The Spring Musical is typically a small cast, and the Play can range from Shakespearean classics to contemporary theatre! If you are a Freshman or a Sophomore, and you might not have that much experience in the theatre, I’d recommend trying out for Froshmore. This is a great way to enter the theatre community at Nerinx! Another great option is crew! You can choose from set, props, lights, costumes, and even stage managing!

Break a leg,



Dear Nancy Nerinx,

Senioritis has hit. I haven’t even finished the CommonApp.

– Lazy


Ah, senioritis. You are not alone, my friend. Find things that motivate you! One of the things I love about being a senior is the flexibility you have when choosing your classes. Hopefully you chose things that truly interest you. Be passionate about those courses! Video Production is much more intriguing than the standard classes you have had to take in years before- take advantage of this! Also, keep in mind that colleges are still watching your grades! You wouldn’t want a D on your final transcript, would you?

Hang in there, queen.




A senior got mad at me for sitting at the front tables during contact last week. I was also told that underclassmen are allowed to sit there! Why are the seniors getting upset?


Hey PerplexedSophomore,

This is a tough one… seniority vs. policy. In years past, only seniors have sat in the front lobby before school and during contact. This was something that underclassmen never really questioned in years past, they just knew that it was an unspoken senior privilege. Yet, there isn’t an actual rule saying that underclassmen aren’t allowed to sit at those tables and at the couch. Riddle me this: If you were a senior, would you want underclassmen sitting at the front tables?

Hope this helps,