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The Elephant in the Room: A Year in the GOP

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Laura Smith, Co-Editor-In-Chief

February 4, 2018

January 20th, 2018 marked the one year anniversary of the GOP having full control of the government through the Senate, the House, and the Presidency. In this past year, they have promised many legislative actions would take place; unfortunately, this was not always the case. Whether it be Repeal and ...

A Letter to the Editor: It’s Black History Month (again, yes, again)

Brianna Chandler, Member of Diversity Club, People For Progress, Women 4 Women

February 4, 2018

If you have any knowledge of black history, you will probably recognize the following names: Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks. They are three incredibly important people whose complex narratives have been reduced to simple overwrought phrases: “Harriet Tubman was the conductor of the...

Silenced Until Now

Silenced Until Now

Claire Capelli and Laura Smith

December 15, 2017

Every ninety-eight seconds, a female American is sexually assaulted. In recent months, this has never been more apparent. With countless survivors from Hollywood to Capitol Hill speaking up, the media is finally shining  a light on this epidemic. However, there is a vast pool of victims who have yet to...

What Constitutes a “Nerinx Girl”?

Juniors Ava Neels, Claire Teng, and Hannah Dillon show off their varying uniforms

Maya Martin and Olivia Yoswig

October 16, 2017

Over the summer, a sheet titled “Respect the Plaid: Uniform Cheat Sheet” came home in a back-to-school packet. It showed three different general personality or style types for Nerinx girls: “classic,” which included knee high socks and a pullover sweater; “artsy,” which entailed a turtleneck, gl...

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