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Spotlight: Maggie Moran

Maggie Moran poses on her trip to Korea this summer

Kayla Arnett, Features Editor

September 15, 2016

Imagine juggling the positions of Senior class president, Chinese club president, as well as playing the piano, traveling all the way to Korea for the summer, and getting a perfect score on the ACT. Well, Maggie Moran does it all! To say the least, Maggie has accomplished more than most people her age, ...

Looking Back on Mini Marker Day

Emilie Garza and her Mini Marker Claire Saetelle pose before heading off for Mini Marker Day.

Emilie Garza, Reporter

April 13, 2016

Nerinx Hall invited Mini Markers to experience high school for a day. These young girls faced crowds in the halls, lengthier class periods, and attended a Nerinx pep rally. The Mini Markers and their hosts each received a Mini Marker shirt, a Nerinx tumbler, Nerinx tattoos, and green pom poms for the pep ...

Spotlight: The Connellys

Bridget and Sheila Connelly after their finishing first in doubles at state.

Gwyneth Franke, Reporter

March 9, 2016

Unless you have a twin, you probably don't know what it would be like to have a dynamic friend for life. Not only would you be amazing friends, but you would be an unstoppable team. Bridget and Sheila Connelly are one such team  on the racquetball court. Last year, the twins decided to play togethe...

Spotlight: Sue Denigan ’76

Spotlight: Sue Denigan '76

Molly Hart, Communications Coordinator

February 1, 2016

Sue Denigan is the Chief Legal Officer at Nestle Purina and a Nerinx Hall graduate, class of  1976. Ms.Denigan has fond memories of her time at the Hall and said that she is most grateful for the education that she felt gave her “a stepping stone to law school.” Her best memories include her time ...

Spotlight: Barb Kuensting

Barb Kuensting

Grace Schmidt, Reporter

January 11, 2016

Thousands of people watch the YouTube channel "BarbaraVibes" every week, but what is "BarbaraVibes" like away from her camera? Barb Kuensting, daughter of science teacher Mr. Kuensting, is a spunky, awesome, and amazing YouTuber. For those who have not been on YouTube in the past year, BarbaraVibes ...

Which Christmas Movie Do You Belong In?

Which Christmas Movie Do You Belong In?

Emilie Garza, Reporter

December 23, 2015

Spotlight: Sya Collins

Sy Collins performing in Aida.

Nora Derry, Reporter

December 9, 2015

Whether playing Pilar, Muzzy Van Hossmere, Dorothy Brock, Judy Denmark, or Aida, Sya Collins dominates the stage. Besides her talent and dedication, her success can be attributed to her passion and complete love of the theater. Of all the productions she has been in she thinks of Aida as her favorite,...

Nerinx Hall Recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School

Nerinx Hall Recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School

Allison Thompson, Features Editor

November 22, 2015

Every year, around three hundred and fifty grade schools, elementary schools, and high schools around the country are picked for the prestigious honor of being a National Blue Ribbon school. Both public and private schools are eligible for this award, but this year, only seven private institutions rece...

Spotlight: Maddie Cioffi

Maddie Cioffi

Allison Thompson, Features Editor

October 13, 2015

This past summer, a little boredom, creativity, and the need for productivity led Maddie Cioffi, a senior, to venture into the fashion world. In June, Maddie began making necklaces for herself. Her necklaces piqued the interest of her sister’s friends, who liked them enough to offer to buy them. Ma...

Spotlight: Amelia Mauldin

Amelia Mauldin

Grace Schmidt, Reporter

September 28, 2015

Who is Amelia Mauldin? Other than being the sophomore class president, Amelia Mauldin is an amazing, intelligent, and compassionate person. Her dream in life is to start an organization that promotes social justice, primarily gender and racial equality, and in five years she would like to be doing just...

Spotlight: Mr. Meyer

Picture provided by Mr. Meyer.

Alexis Robinson, Opinions Editor

September 14, 2015

“When I was young, I wanted to play shortstop for the Cardinals,” said Mr. Meyer in response to being asked about his dream career. Today, he would love to be a writer, but his true dream career is the one he has now: a teacher at Nerinx Hall. Mr. Meyer loves teaching at Nerinx Hall because the student...

September Cartoon

Why do famous brands and businesses give their overly expensive products to the wealthy while poverty consumed people are left with the scraps of the scraps?

Rebecca Souvannarath, Cartoonist

September 8, 2015


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